McLaren 720S : How To Fix Spoiler Fault

McLaren 720S : How To Fix Spoiler Fault

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The McLaren 720S, a paragon of automotive engineering, occasionally encounters an issue with its spoiler, an integral component of its aerodynamic prowess. This post delves into the nuances of this problem, often a concern among owners, who fear hefty repair bills. However, the solution is more straightforward than anticipated, primarily requiring a meticulous recalibration process.


Understanding the Spoiler Problem

At the heart of the McLaren 720’s spoiler issue lies a calibration disruption, typically triggered by a depletion in the vehicle’s battery. This minor yet significant electrical variance can lead to two primary faults: the airbrake failing to maintain its designated position and a timeout in airbrake movement. These technical glitches, while seemingly daunting, can often be resolved through a recalibration procedure, negating the need for expensive repairs.


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The Calibration Procedure: A Step-by-Step Guide

The recalibration of the McLaren 720’s airbrake involves a series of precise steps, ensuring the vehicle is in optimal condition for the process. Key prerequisites include ensuring the engine is at its operational temperature and verifying that both the oil level and temperature are within the recommended parameters.


  1. Preparation Phase: Initiate the recalibration process with the engine running, ensuring the parking brake is engaged and the gear is in neutral. This setup guarantees a stable environment for the calibration.
  2. Execution Phase: At this juncture, the vehicle’s system undertakes the task of reteaching the airbrake the correct positioning for the spoiler. This phase is critical as it reestablishes the synchronization between the mechanical and electronic components of the spoiler system.
  3. Completion and Verification: Upon completion of the recalibration, a thorough verification is essential. This includes checking the dashboard for any fault notifications and ensuring the vehicle status is devoid of error messages, confirming the success of the recalibration.

Conclusion: Simplifying the Complex

The recalibration of the McLaren 720’s spoiler underscores the importance of understanding the intricate relationship between the vehicle’s electronic systems and mechanical components. Often, what appears to be a significant mechanical failure can be effectively resolved through a systematic recalibration process, offering relief to owners concerned about potential high costs. This procedure exemplifies how advanced automotive technology, while complex, can often be managed through well-defined, straightforward solutions.


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