Mercedes AMG GTR Protection Detail

Mercedes AMG GTR Protection Detail – Our customer wanted to give his car the full works!

We began buy throughly washing this AMG GTR with car shampoo and then clay bared the car to remove dirt and debris that isn’t visible to the naked eye. This stage is very important, as if Paint Protection Film is laid over contaminated body panels, it it less likely to stay in place, making it more likely to peel.

Once properly prepared, our technicians laid the PPF. We use state of the art plotting machines, here at GVE London. These machines cut specially designed patterns, meaning that no knives are needed to cut the film. This means that your car’s paintwork will not be cut during the application process.

Paint Protection Film protects against stone chips, scratches, scuffs, birdlime, harsh weather and light bodywork damage. This means that our customer can drive as fast as he wants without worrying about damaging the paintwork of his car. Also, when the time comes for our customer to sell his Mercedes, he will be able to re-gain a larger amount of money, as his paintwork will be in showroom condition.

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