Mercedes S500 Starlight Headliner installation

Mercedes S500 Starlight Headliner installation – The GVE Customs Team’s next task was to add some more luxury to this S500.

Our customer had a show to attend and wanted his car to stand out amongst the rest. He decided to add a starlight head liner, like the ones you see in Rolls Royce Wraiths.

To begin, the headliner was disassembled from the interior. This had to be done carefully to ensure that it would not get damaged and cause problems when being re-fit.

Next, 800 dots were marked on the hidden side of the headliner, to make it clear where each light would go. Holes were then drilled with a precision tool through each of the dots.

Fibre optic cables were then pushed through each of the holes and were tied up neatly, so no excess cable could be seen. Each fibre optic line was then secured in place.

After this, the headliner was reinstalled and the excess fibre optic cables were hidden. A cutting tool was then used to remove excess cable which was hanging from the headliner. Each line was cut to sit flush with the rest of the headliner.

The colours of the lights can be changed via a remote control, as well as the different speed and pattern settings.

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