Nardo Grey Mercedes GLE Vinyl Wrap – This customer reached out to the GVE London team through Instagram. He wanted to re wrap his Mercedes GLE. After a few messages were exchanged, he brought his car into the GVE Customs Department.

The GLE was wrapped in a satin grey vinyl. This was then stripped back to the original colour of the car – silver. The Mercedes was then throughly washed and clay barred. This process removes any dirt or impurities from the bodywork of the car. Uncontaminated body panels allow the vinyl to stick to and remain on the surface with a seamless finish. All bubbles and creases will be removed with the help of heat guns and a range of squeegee tools.

After the wrap job was completed the car was given its final check. To go the extra mile for our customer, we delivered his freshly wrapped GLE to him in Central London.


Our customer was extremely happy with the finish that out talented technicians achieves and said that he would return to GVE for more customisation work in the future.

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