Nissan GTR Decals - Fast & Furious Style!

Nissan GTR Decals –  This stunning 2019 Nissan Skyline GT-R came in to the GVE Customs centre to get some Fast & Furious inspired decals.

The GTR was finished in a classy Daytona Blue, however our customer wanted to make it stand out subtly.

Decal shapes were designed on a specialist software and then cut out using a plotting machine. The vinyl used in this case was satin black.

The car was then fully decontaminated. The removal of impurities is extremely important, as they can prevent vinyl sticking to the surface of the car properly.

Once cut, the vinyl was applied to a translucent transfer paper. The transfer paper was then positioned on the panels of the car and then peeled off, leaving the vinyl in its intended position. The decals were then superheated to ensure a secure bond between the vinyl and body panels of the GTR. This will also prevent premature peeling in the future.

Dual racing stripes were applied to the bonnet, roof and rear end. Decals were also applied to the sides of the car, covering the doors and rear quarters. This GTR looks amazing! Our customer was delighted with the high quality of finish and a fast turn-a-round time. The car was delivered, worked on and collected in less than 1 day!

Click here to watch our talented technician transform apply decals to this Nissan GTR.

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