Porsche Carrera Front End PPF

Porsche Carrera Front End PPF – The GVE Detailing Team’s next task was to protect the front end of a Porsche Carrera.

First, the GVE Bodyshop team rubbed down and resprayed some panels, as the car had some stone chips and scratches that needed to be addressed before the Paint Protection Film was applied. This process was carried out in our in-house bodyshop and spay booth.

Next, the car was decontaminated with car shampoo and a clay bar treatment. This was done to remove any dirt and impurities from the surface of the panels, which may cause the PPF to lift in the future.

This customer opted for coverage on the bonnet, front bumper, wings, doors and headlights as these are the most vulnerable areas of the car. If you can’t afford full PPF coverage, a front end or partial coverage is a more affordable option.

The design patterns of the car panels were then amended on a specialist software. This was done to ensure that the PPF patterns cover the entirety of their designated panels. Once complete, the patterns were plotted on the film with the use of a plotting machine and then weeded by hand.

Once the panels had been cleaned again, thoroughly, the PPF was applied with a specialist solution and squeegee tools as well as hot air guns to ensure that the edges won’t lift. We use the best film on the market – XPEL Ultimate Paint Protection Film. This film protects paintwork from stone chips, scratches, scuffs and more. It is also self healing and comes with a 10 year warranty against yellowing and peeling.

Once the PPF was left to heal overnight, the Porsche was then inspected for any lifting, peeling and dust during its final PDI check. The car passed with flying colours and has been delivered to a very happy client!

Click here to watch the GVE Detailing team carry out this Porsche Carrera Front End PPF installation in our state-of-the-art West London detailing centre.

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Porsche Carrera Front End PPF
Porsche Carrera Front End PPF
Porsche Carrera Front End PPF
Porsche Carrera Front End PPF
Porsche Carrera Front End PPF