Porsche Cayenne Vinyl Wrap & Body Kit

Porsche Cayenne Vinyl Wrap & Body Kit Installation – The GVE Customs team’s next challenge was to transform the look of this stunning Porsche SUV.

The process began by taking the Xclusive body kit to the GVE  Bodyshop, where the panels were rubbed down and primed, to give the pieces a smooth finish. This bodykit will give the Porsche a much more aggressive aesthetic.

After this, the car was taken to the customs centre, where it was given a decontamination wash and a clay bar treatment. This was done to remove any impurities that could cause the vinyl to peel or lift in the future.

Next, the vinyl was applied. Our customer was originally going to choose a grey vinyl, but with the help of his son, the choice of vinyl was narrowed down to matte or satin blue.

They decided to choose Matte Metallic Brilliant Blue, which was produced by one of the best vinyl manufacturers in the game – Avery Dennison.

The vinyl was applied using a specialist heat gun and squeegee tools. Once all panels and the body kit were wrapped, the kit was installed with care.

This Porsche looks amazing and we are sure that our customer will enjoy driving it just as much as we enjoyed working on it!

Click here to watch the GVE Customs team carry out this Porsche Cayenne Vinyl Wrap & Body Kit Installation.

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