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Our customer wanted to protect his Porsche GT3 with Paint Protection Film. GVE is renowned for having decades of experience in this field. In fact, we are one of the only supercar dealers in the UK to have a PPF facility in house. We also have servicing, detailing and customisation departments.

We use the best PPF on the market – XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS. Its self healing properties and thickness will ensure that your car is fully protected from harsh weather conditions, birdlime, scratches, scuffs, stone chips and other road debris. This will allow our customer to drive as fast as he wants without having to worry about the paintwork of the Porsche being damaged. The Porsche GT3 Paint Protection Film installation took less than a week.

We use state of the art plotting machines to cut the film. Special design patterns are created, meaning that there is no need to use knives during the Paint Protection Film installation process. Your car will not be in danger of being cut accidentally at GVE.

Our customer was delighted with the finish and will surely come back to GVE for further business in the future.

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