PPF VS Ceramic Coating

The Facts

PPF VS Ceramic Coating – Which should you choose? Paint Protection Film is made from a polymer which is self healing and stain resistance. This means PPF will protect you car’s paintwork from stone chips, scuffs and other road debris. Ceramic coatings will also protect the paintwork, however will not protect it to the same extent.

Washing a car with ceramic coating is much easier than washing a car wrapped in PPF. This is because the properties of the ceramic coating product make water droplets easier to wipe off. Wiping down a PPF’d surface is much more difficult.

Paint Projection Film will protect your car against stone ships, as they will simply bounce off the surface of the film, leaving the paintwork of your car untouched. Ceramic coating will not protect your car from stone chips, as the layer of protection is much thinner than that of PPF.

Many people think if you want to remove ceramic coating from your vehicle, you need to sand it down, however this ins’t true. Instead, you can polish it out with a heavy cut compound. PPF is much more difficult to remove. You would need to use specialist tools and have to face the risk of removing the paintwork.

The Verdict

So, PPF VS Ceramic Coating – who’s the winner?

Both ceramic coating and PPF will protect your car’s paintwork from any harmful chemicals and oxidation. PPF protects your car for the long term, whereas ceramic coating enhances your vehicles day to day appearance.

Check out our detailing playlist on YouTube here to see Ceramic Coating and PPF application.

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