Satin Black Ferrari California – This customer came to GVE London to service his Ferrari California. He explained that he wanted to buy a new car but did not want to spend almost £200,000. One of our members of staff then introduced him to the idea of vinyl wrapping.

Vinyl wrapping allows you to transform the look of your car without having to spend too much money. It will also act as a protective barrier against scuffs, scratches, stone chips, birdlime, road debris and harsh weather conditions. Vinyl can also be stripped easily, revealing your original paint work in mint condition.

After our customer’s Ferrari was fully serviced, he then decided to have it wrapped in one of the most popular colours – satin black. This colour gave this Ferrari the ultimate stealth look. He can now drive as fast as he wants without having to worry about light bodywork damage.

Our customer was extremely happy with the outcome and told us that he would come back to GVE for more customisation work in the future. This is thanks to our talented technicians. They have decades of experience, quality of work and gave amazing customer service.

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