Satin Black Vinyl Wrap on a Nissan GTR LM950

Satin Black Vinyl Wrap on a Nissan GTR LM950 – Our customer purchased this car from us back in June. He initially decided to have the GTR wrapped in  chrome purple. However, he then decided to change the look of his car from lairy to stealth.

Our trained technicians began this project by stripping the Chrome Purple vinyl from Hexis. The car was then washed to ensure that no impurities were left on the surface of the car panels.

Once dry, the Satin Black Vinyl Wrap was applied. This vinyl was supplied by Avery and Dennison. Satin Black Vinyl is extremely popular and is much cheaper than a satin black paint.

Applying vinyl to your car will protect it from stone chips, birdlime, harsh weather, scratches, scuffs and road debris. This will help preserve the value of your car, making selling it in the future much more easy.

Plus, our talented technicians use cutting tape to cut the vinyl to shape when laying the vinyl. This means they don’t need to use knives during the installation process. Many other wrapping companies use knives, which puts the car at risk, as it’s more likely to get scratched or damaged.

Our customer was extremely happy with the satin black vinyl wrap and will surely return to GVE for more customisation work.

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