Satin Chrome Blue Tesla Model S Wrap – This customer wanted to transform the look of his Tesla Model S from a boring blue in to something a lot more flashy!

The process began by decontaminating the car. Dirt and impurities were removed using car shampoo and clay bar. This was done to ensure that the vinyl will not peel in the future.

Next, the satin chrome blue vinyl was applied to the car. The GVE Customs wrapped each panel in one large piece of vinyl, resulting in a seamless finish!

After the vinyl had been applied, the team de-chromed the car, as well as sprayed the alloys black. This gives the Model S a more aggressive look. The windows were also tinted to add to the stealth look, however the window tints also offer privacy and UV protection. Tesla Branding decals were also added to the bonnet of the car.

This Tesla has been completely transformed and looks truly amazing. The vinyl will also protect the original paintwork of the car from scratches and swirl marks and is fully removable.

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