Satin PPF Tesla Model X - Stealth Paint Protection Film

Satin PPF Tesla Model X – A customer called us as they wanted to protect their new red Tesla Model X with Paint Protection Film.

Our talented technicians at GVE Detaining fully wrapped the Tesla in Satin PPF. Not only did this protect the Model X against stone chips, birdlime, scratches and scuffs; the car now looks amazing.

To add to the stealth look, the customer decided to de chrome the car. So, the chrome elements of the car were then wrapped in satin black vinyl, including badges and door handles.

When our customer came to collect her Satin PPF Tesla Model X, she was blown away. She was so happy with the final result and customer service that she has decided to bring in her Porsche 911 Carrera 4S for the full paint protection film treatment too!

PPF or Paint Protection Film is becoming increasingly popular. Especially when purchasing brand new cars, people are beginning to realise how beneficial having a PPF’d car is. Having a protected car gives you peace of mind. If any light bodywork damage were to occur, the PPF’d panel can be stripped and re wrapped easily. This process would be a lot cheaper and less time consuming than a rub down and re spay.

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