The Back Story

Around a year ago, a customer booked his BMW M4 in with us. He wanted to transform his car from a stock white colour to Satin Roaring thunder. This is a stunning vinyl from Avery Dennison that changes colour, depending on how the light hits it. Others may refer to this as a flip colour.

The Wrap

Recently, a customer searched for ‘satin roaring thunder vinyl wrap’ on Google and we popped up. It just goes to show how powerful having an online presence is!

This customer then booked in his brand new blue Audi Q8. The Q8 is the latest edition to Audi’s SUV line, with prices starting from £62,815.

The main body panels of the car were wrapped in satin roaring thunder, the chrome elements of the car, including the front grille and surroundings were wrapped in satin black and the wheels were sprayed in satin black, to match.

From a rather unappealing aesthetic, this car has been completely transformed. This amazing colour will surely turn heads and ensure that this Q8 will attract as much attention as a supercar would.

Not only has this radical transformation made this SUV look incredible, it has also added a layer of protection . You see, wrapping your car with a good quality vinyl, such as satin roaring thunder form Avery Dennison, will protect your car from stone chips, scratches, scuffs, birdlime and harsh weather.

The Outcome

What does this mean? Well, firstly the customer can drive the freshly wrapped Audi Q8 without worrying about light bodywork damage.

But, when the customer decides to sell the car, the vinyl can be stripped easily, exposing the paintwork in mint condition. This will allow them to sell the car at a higher price, due to the immaculate condition of the car.

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If you want to transform the look of your super / luxury car, feel free to contact the GVE customs team for a no obligation quote.

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