We love customising cars here at GVE London. The Satin Roaring Thunder vinyl is becoming increasingly popular because of the vinyl wrap that we carried out on this BMW M4. It’s lead to use wrapping an Audi Q8 and Range Rover Velar in the exact same colour.

Satin roaring thunder is a flip colour. It changes its tone as light hits it from different angles.

This M4 was originally white, but out customer wanted to completely transform the look of his car. The Satin Roaring Thunder BMW M4 is now sure to turn heads on the streets of London. (Just as much as a supercar would.)

Not only has this vinyl made the M4 looks amazing, it has also protected the paintwork of the car. Thanks to the thickness of the vinyl, the car is now protected against stone chips, scratches, scuffs, harsh weather and light bodywork damage. This means that our customer can drive as fast as he wants with total peace of mind. Plus, when he decides to sell his car, he will be able to retrieve more money as his paintwork will be perfect.

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