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We share many of the same values as our parent company including; unparalleled customer service, unmatchable workmanship and unbeatable value. Our service centre prides itself on its reputation, experience and possessing world class facilities and equipment. Your pride and joy is in safe and capable hands at the GVE Service Centre!


Whether you’re planning a supercar track day or a touring road trip across Europe, it is imperative to keep your car maintained and in complete working order. The GVE Servicing team are here to help.


Specialist diagnostic tools and software is required for accurate fault finding, system adjustments and resets. We are one of the very few independent specialists to have the latest diagnostic software up to 2016 for all Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati models.


Utilizing the latest and most advanced diagnostic software and equipment, our servicing team can carry out a variety of inspections, tests and reports in order to determine any faults or worrying signs with a vehicle prior to purchase.


Preparing and examining your vehicle before a track day is hugely important. Our Pre Track Day Prep will help to make sure your vehicle is both safe and working at optimum level.


We can supply and fit parts for almost any marque and, due to extensive industry knowledge, we can recommend the best upgrade solution for the majority of vehicles.

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  • 🛠 Here @GVELondon, we have just carried out a full health check and annual service on this stunning Ferrari 550 M, which came to us in factory condition. An annual service includes an oil change, oil filter replacement and air filters changed. 🔄 ⁣
❗️Once the service was carried out, the team gave the vehicle a full health check- the team were made aware of two minor issues with this 550. The valve cover gaskets were leaking oil over a hot exhaust which is very common in Ferrari's. The other outstanding issue was with a shock absorber which was leaking which can affect the stability of the vehicle on the road. The client was made aware of the issues, and allowed the team to rectify the faults! ⁣
😄 All-in-all, there was nothing for our client to worry about, and the car leaves the workshop ready to go until its next service with us! ⁣
Does your vehicle need a service❓Call us today on 020 8573 8488 | 📥 info@gvelondon.com | 🤳 Send us a message!⁣
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  • 🛠 @GVEServicing have just carried out an annual service on their latest arrival, the stunning #LamborghiniHuracan. #Lamborghini recommend that a service should be carried out once a year/ every 10,000 miles❗️
Annual Service on a Huracan includes:⠀
✅ Oil Change⠀
✅ Oil Filter⠀
✅ Air Filter⠀
👥 Our fully trained technicians are up-to-speed with servicing Lamborghini's and services can be complex on the Huracan. Filling procedures, multi-drain points and checks on the rev counter can be a headache for some technicians- nothing that our team can't carry out!⠀
➕ As part of our service to our clients we offer live videos and short clips of your vehicle whilst be serviced to keep you in the know with the progress on your vehicle!⠀
➕ We also offer collection and delivery of your vehicle in our covered transporter. Call today to enquire about getting your next service booked in with us! 📞 020 8573 8488 | 📥 info@gvelondon.com | 🤳 Drop us a message!⠀
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  • 🛠 @GVEServicing and @GVECustoms have just finished working together on the German monster truck that is the Mercedes Brabus G700. 👤 Our client came to us wanting to be seen from space! lol, well just mainly to stand out from the crowd. He came with a request to fit floodlights to the top of his roof that can flash. We also had to install his new carbon fibre bonnet. "We installed the light-bar onto the roof of the G-wagon and ran the cabling down the pillar, around the dash and into the centre console where we modified a standard blank switch to create an extra functional button from The original switch pack fitted from factory. Saving the need of ruining the stunning interior with an aftermarket switch, and keeping the clean oem look." - Dale, Master TechnicianJust before the vehicle was handed back to our client, @GVEDetailing gave the vehicle a full maintenance wash and detail to complete this crazy transformation! ❓Want similar work carried out on your vehicle? Call us today on 020 8573 8488 or you can drop us an email at info@gvelondon.com#gveservicing #brabus #mercedes #merc #mercinsta #mercdaily #mercedesbenz #amg #g700 #mercedesbrabus #brabus #brabusg700 #mercedesbrabus700 #gwagon #mercedesgwagon #gclass #mercedesgwagonbrabus #lightbargwagon #gvecustoms #gve #gvelondon
  • 🛠The #GVEServicing team have just completed a full service and health check on this stunning #Ferrari360Spider. 🔥
Why choose GVE for your Ferrari service❓⠀⠀
✅ Ferrari Parts Fitted ⠀⠀
✅Qualified Ferrari Techs ⠀⠀
✅Better Than Dealer Experience ⠀⠀
📞 Call us today to enquire about getting your vehicle serviced with us. 020 8573 8488 | 📥 info@gvelondon.com⁣⠀⠀
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  • 🛠 Our client was having issues with his gears not engaging when being selected on his #Ferrari348. 😰⠀
🔧 Our fully-trained Ferrari technicians noticed the clutch release bearing had failed and was leaking fluid, which led to contamination of the entire clutch system❗️⠀
👥 The team removed the bale housing and converted the clutch system to fix the existing issues with the clutch. 💪
🗣 Call us today to enquire about getting work carried out on your vehicle!⠀
📞 020 8573 8488 ⠀
📥 info@gvelondon.com⠀
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