Smart Car Chrome Vinyl Wrap

Smart Car Chrome Vinyl Wrap – Our customer wanted his Smart Car to stand out like no other, so he decided to have it wrapped. It was brought to GVE directly from the main dealer. We transformed this originally white smart car to a bright, lairy, mirror chrome.

We transformed this Smart Car with the best Chrome vinyl on the market – supplied by Hexis. This vinyl is made from extremely high quality material. The multiple layers that this vinyl is made up of means that it is more difficult to bend and stretch than others. Also, when working with chrome vinyl, if too much head is applied to it, the vinyl can steam up. (Go cloudy or foggy).

Sure enough, our trained technicians had no issues wrapping this car. That’s thanks to their decades of experience and willingness to work around difficult issues.

The thickness of the vinyl will also insure that this Smart Car is fully protected from stonechips, birdlime, harsh weather, scratches, scuffs and light bodywork damage.

Our customer was delighted to collect his Smart Car from us. We are sure that it will get a lot, if not more attention than a super car would!

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