Tesla Model 3 De-chrome & Window Tints – Tesla Model 3’s are becoming increasingly popular. Some people decide to opt for crazy transformations, however this customer wanted something more subtle.

They decided to have a full de chrome, which involved covering all chrome elements on the exterior of the car, including the door handles, wing mirror trim and window trim.

This allows the trims to blend in with the body panels of the car to create a more seamless looking finish.

The customer also asked us to tint their windows, which added to the overall stealth look of the car.

The GVE Customs team tint windows to the legal limit, to ensure that our customers are not breaking the law.

Window tints are a great customisation, as they:

  • Protect your skin and eyes from harmful UV rays
  • Offer privacy for the driver and passenger
  • Provide security, hiding your valuables from potential thieves
  • Make your windows shatter proof
  • Slow down the fading process of your car’s interior
  • Reduce glare, which will improve your overall driving experience

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