Tesla Model S Front End PPF – This customer opted to have the front end of his Tesla Model S protected with Paint Protection Film.

This is because the front end of the car is at the highest risk of being damaged. It’s also a cheaper alternative to having the full car protected.

The process began by giving the car a decontamination wash with car shampoo as well as a clay bar treatment to remove any dirt and impurities. Clean body panels prevent PPF from peeling and lifting.

Next, the PPF patterns were designed on a specialist software and cut out on a state of the art plotter. The patterns were then applied to the front end of the car with a specialist alcohol solution and squeegee tools.

The protected areas include the front bumper, bonnet, front lights, front quarters and wing mirrors.

The GVE Detailing team use XPEL Ultimate Paint Protection Film which protects paintwork from stone chips, scratches and scuffs, as well as bird lime and harsh weather conditions. It is self healing and also comes with a 10 year warranty against yellowing and peeling.

Our customer can now drive his Tesla with complete peace of mind, thanks to the added protection to his car.

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Prices Starting from £2,200 + VAT

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