Tesla Model X Detail & Ceramic Coating

Tesla Model X Detail & Ceramic Coating – This Tesla Model X, like many other cars we work on, came straight from a main dealer. On its arrival, this brand new car surprisingly showed significant damage to the paintwork – specifically swirl marks, light scratching and hologramming.

The GVE Detailing team began the detailing process by washing the vehicle using heated, filtered and softened water. A pH neutral shampoo was applied to the car and worked onto it using lambswool wash miss and soft bristle detailing brushes. Bonded contaminants were removed through the use of medium clay bars. Once this process had been completed, masking tape was applied to preserve plastic and rubber trim – the car was then ready to be polished.

This Tesla had 3 stages of polishing. The smaller areas were treated with 1’ and 2’ pads, using a rotary and the nano tool. This was the only way to safely polish smaller areas. Edges were protected using tape to avoid inflicting further damage. The larger areas are treated with bigger pads, rotary for cutting, orbital for polishing and jeweling.

After the polishing stages are complete, the team applied Gtechniq’s Crystal Serum Black ceramic coating. After this ceramic coating layer was able to cure and bond to the paintwork of the vehicle, they applied the second hydrophobic (EXO) layer. The vehicle was placed onto a ramp to remove the wheels and individually treat all surfaces, including the alloys, brake disks and callipers.

A leather coating was also applied to the interior of the car, to protect the seats and other interior parts, such as the centre console.

Click here to watch the GVE Detailing team carry out this Tesla Model X Detail and Ceramic Coating in our West London centre.

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