Tesla Model X Vinyl Wrap Transformation – We’ve been working on lots of Teslas recently! People are really buying in to the electric car world. As Tesla offers a small range of paint finishes, customers are turning to customisation methods such as vinyl wrapping.

This car was wrapped in a colour called lighting ridge and has been manufactured by a company called Avery Dennison. Their films are outstanding, as they can last from 5-7 years, unlike competing brands.

This new-age vinyl is easy to apply and maintain, due to channels that allow air to be released when wrapping the car. This means no bubbles and a much smaller chance of peeling and lifting.

To take care of a car like this, make sure you don’t apply too much pressure to the vinyl when cleaning it with a water jet and take extra caution when washing the corners of the panels.

The shuts and returns wrapped in satin black (to cover all the original gloss white paint). The wheels were also sprayed from silver to satin black and the windows were tinted. This completed the overall stealthy look to this Tesla.

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