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The Ultimate Guide to Bentley Servicing

Discover expert Bentley servicing tips & tricks and get the ultimate guide to maintaining your luxury car's performance. Trust GVE London for top-notch service!

When we talk about supercars and luxury, Bentley is among the most famous and recognisable brands in the world. The manufacturer was the first British-based company to win the renowned Le Mans 24-Hours in Northern France, with a total of four titles to their name. Bentley’s range consists of high-performance vehicles capable of achieving astonishing speeds in span of seconds.

Apart from performance, there is no shortage of comfort and luxury when you purchase a Bentley. The brand has maintained its dedication and innovation for over a century now, and to keep its supercars in top condition, timely maintenance and servicing are a must. In this post, we’ll guide you with everything related to servicing your Bentley supercar.

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What is Usually Included in a Bentley Servicing?

Whenever you think of getting your Bentley car serviced, it’s always recommended to follow the recommendations of the manufacturer. Bentley will provide you with a pre-decided schedule for servicing that you must follow to ensure the optimum condition and performance of your supercar.

The very first Bentley servicing should take place after driving for one year or 10,000 miles, whatever happens first. Also, there are dedicated service centers out there that conduct all necessary maintenance and security checks along with washing your vehicle. The common ones include –

●      Filter and oil replacement
●      Diagnostic checks and report
●      Brake system check
●      Pollen filter and wiper blade replacement
●      Bodywork, glass safety, and door locks check
●      Steering, hose, and driveshaft check
●      Front and rear light, and other electrical parts check
●      Vehicle road test

For the best results on your Bentley, we recommend taking it to established, expert service centres only. If you are in the UK, then GVE London is among the best spots for Bentley servicing, repairs, detailing, and other services.

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Maintenance & Factory Service Recommended for Your Bentley

Dedicated technicians conduct servicing and maintenance checks as recommended by the brand. They know how to go ahead with the process depending on the model and year of production of your Bentley. Different makes and models have different issues, and these professionals know the right approach to service your supercar thoroughly.

Following the service schedule keeps your Bentley in top condition. By conducting a deep inspection, technicians find out every single issue and conduct the necessary repairs and maintenance. At a top-notch luxury car servicing station all repairs and checks are tailored to meet the individual requirements of the Bentley model you own.

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When to Get Your Bentley Servicing Done?

The predetermined schedule can vary a little bit for different models, but overall the schedule to service Bentley cars is somewhat similar. Let’s take a deeper look.

Initial First Service

The first service of your Bentley must be done after driving 1000 miles or within one year, whatever comes first. It involves proper testing of various parts and components, fluid checks, and other adjustments needed. After this initial one, you need to get a minor or major service done at regular intervals.

Minor Service – It must take place every 10,000 miles or 12 months and includes fluid checks, oil changes, brake inspections, tire inspections, and general health checkups.

Major Service – It must take place every 20,000 miles or 24 months. Apart from everything done in the minor service, this includes fuel filter and spark plug replacement, and other inspections of the entire car system.

Every 12 Months or 10,000 Miles

You must get your car’s tires rotated and the oil changed to maintain the health of the engine and ensure all tires wear out evenly. Technicians assess all important components of the vehicle through a multi-point inspection. They check rotors, brake pads, fluid levels, filters, etc., and replace worn-out parts. This improves the safety and overall performance of your Bentley.

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After 24 Months or 20,000 Miles

At this stage, a thorough and deep inspection is done. Technicians check damage or leaks in the exhaust, suspension parts, axles, linkage, steering gear, and more. This helps identify major issues at the right time so you don’t require costly repairs in the future.

After 36 Months or 30,000 Miles

At this stage of Bentley servicing, oil filters, and engine air are replaced other than standard tire rotation and oil change. The rotors and brake pads are also checked for optimal performance. This service milestone is a major one and really important for your Bentley’s long-term health.

After 5-7 Years or 60,000 Miles

Many components and parts require replacement after the five-year mark. Technicians inspect the door, trunk, and hood for any damage, along with replacing coil packs and spark plugs. Depending on your driving, your vehicle’s clutch should also be checked to ensure high performance.

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Service & Maintenance Required At 30,000, 60,000, and 90,000 Miles

The 30, 60, and 90,000 milestones are when your Bentley needs a major service. This includes –

●          Replacement of gaskets, filters, and engine oil
●          Topping off all fluids
●          Inspection and cleaning of cables and battery terminals
●          Cooling system flushing
●          Inspection of front and rear brakes
●          Tire rotation, wheel balancing, and alignment
●          Inspection of tires and setting optimum pressure
●          A complete computerised diagnosis


Right from routine checks to intricate repairs, getting your Bentley supercar serviced regularly is essential to maintain its unparalleled performance and luxury. With so many complex components and parts involved, only experienced technicians with specialized knowledge and attention to detail can handle the maintenance of this vehicle.

You have to take your car to a recognized and expert service station to make sure it receives the highest standard of care. For the Bentley and other luxury car servicing needs, GVE London is the best option for you. Take care of your supercar and enjoy its superb performance and looks.

Frequently Asked Questions


The annual cost for maintenance and servicing of a Bentley is around £2000, but this varies based on the model you own. Also, the cost varies depending on if your car requires a major or a minor service.


Servicing a vintage Bentley is a time-consuming yet exciting work because the vehicle includes a lot of parts and components. Also, classic models had unique designs featuring woodwork, old electrical systems, and other stuff which are not common now.


You cannot take your Bentley to any local car repair or service station because it features complex components and systems. Look for a specialised Bentley service station that has experienced and trained technicians. They should use the latest technology and original parts for servicing and must tailor the process depending on the model and make of your Bentley supercar.

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