Bell & Ross normally makes fancy watches, but it seems to have diversified into, erm, supercars. This is the Aero GT Concept – a surprisingly excellent-looking design study presented alongside a couple of motoring-inspired watches at this week’s Baselworld exhibition in Switzerland. Think Geneva Motor Show, only for watches instead of cars.

Even though the Aero GT doesn’t actually exist per se, it looks like B&R has gone about this whole thing quite seriously. Along with these computer-generated shots, it’s released a hypothetical set of specs. The engine is (well, would be) a bi-turbo 602bhp 4.2-litre V8, paired with an eight-speed double-clutch ‘box and rear-wheel drive. It quotes a 0-62mph time of 2.9secs and a top speed of 196mph. B&R says it’d weigh 1320kg thanks to a carbon monocoque, plus carbon and aluminium body panels.

B&R is keen to stress the 4.7m-long (about the same as a LaFerrari) concept’s ties with the aeronautic industry. Its design is said to be inspired by stealth aircraft – the wing mirrors echo a fighter’s canards (those little wings just below the cockpit), the exhausts are vast and look like jet engines, and the fin above the mid-mounted engine is supposed to stabilise it at speed. There’s even a probe thing on the right-hand front wing to “measure very high speeds”.

Fine-looking thing, isn’t it? If you’re reading this B&R, you must find a way to build it. We might know a guy…