We Scratched a Lamborghini Aventador - Paint Protection Film

Lamborghini Aventador Paint Protection – You protect your supercar! The GVE Detailing technicians have decades of experience combined in applying Paint Protection Film to luxury vehicles, just like this:

To start work on this Lamborghini Aventador, they began by decontaminating it to prevent any impurities that would cause the Paint Protection Film to peel in the future. This was done by giving the car a full maintenance wash and a clay bar treatment. Clay barring removes dirt that is not visible to the naked eye.

Paint Protection Film will protect the panels of this car from scratches, scuffs, stone chips, birdlime, road debris, vandalism and harsh weather conditions. We use the best film on the market – XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS Paint Protection Film. XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS have an extensive library of pre cut designs. The GVE Detailing team use a state of the art plotting machine to cut these designs. This so that they could be directly applied to the body panels of this Aventador.

The Paint Protection Film that we use is self healing. This means any damage on the car will now heal its self when heat is applied (via the Sun, hot water or hot air gun.) Our customer can now drive as fast as he wants with total peace of mind.

Click here to watch me scratch test a Lamborghini Aventador, so you can see the real value in Paint Protection Film! We used three tools to scratch the Film: A wire brush, a car key and an even sharper house key. No matter how hard I tried, I was simply unable to damage the paintwork!

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