What is a DeChrome? | Bentley Bentayga

So, What is a dechrome? This week, the GVE Customs team were tasked with dechroming a Bentley Bentayga. The job came from an existing client – we wrapped his Mercedes-Benz GLE in the past and he was so happy with the results, he decided to come back for more customisation work!

The work began by cleaning and stripping the car. The badges and grilles were handed over to the GVE Bodyshop team. They sanded the parts to make it easier for the primer to adhere to the surface. After the primer was applied, the parts were sprayed gloss black.

These parts were sprayed, due to the nature of their complex shape. Vinyl would peel away very easily, whereas paint covers the surfaces perfectly.

The GVE Customs team, meanwhile, applied gloss black vinyl to the roof rails, door handles and window, vent and headlight trims. The vinyl was applied with specialist squeegee tools and heat guns to ensure that no peeling or bubbling would occur in the future.

Finally the parts were fitted back to the car. This dechrome job took 2 – 3 days. The work carried out has transformed the look of the car, giving it an aggressive stealth look.

Our customer was very happy with the results of this stealthy transformation and we are sure he will bring more of his cars for us to customise in the future. This job would have cost over £2,000 from Bentley, however we don’t charge anywhere close to that figure.

Click here to watch the GVE Customs team dechrome this Bentley Bentayga in our state of the art West London customisation facility.

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