White Tesla Model X Stealth PPF – The GVE Detailing team’s next task was to protect this Model X, which is an extremely popular car due to the rise in demand for electric vehicles.

The process started with a decontamination wash and a machine polish. This was done to ensure that the paintwork was brought back to showroom condition, before any PPF was applied.

Teslas are notorious for imperfect paint finishes when coming out of production, so it is really important to make sure the paintwork is perfect before any time and money is spent protecting it.

Next, the statin PPF was applied to the body panels of the Model X, using an alcohol solution, squeegees and heat guns. The Detailing team use XPEL Ultimate Paint Protection Film, which is self healing and protects against stone chips, scratches, scuffs as well as harsh weather conditions and birdlime. The film also comes with a 10 year warranty against yellowing and peeling.

The satin PPF gave this Tesla an aggressive stealth finish and to add to this theme, the wheels were sprayed from the original silver finish to gloss black. Plus, to give the car more of a sporty look, the callipers were sprayed red in our state of the art bodyshop.

Some paint protection film was also added to the interior to components such as sections on the door. This is good as it will prevent any scratches occurring from jewellery, watches or bags when you are coming in or getting out of the car.

Click here to watch the GVE Detailing team carry out this White Tesla Model X Stealth Paint Protection Film installation in our state of the art detailing centre.

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