He’s had his Lamborghini Aventador and Mercedes Benz GLE wrapped with us and now it’s time to wrap Wilfried Zaha’s Rolls Royce Ghost.

The Ghost was originally in a stock Grey colour, however Zaha wanted to give the car a stealthier look. He decided to have the Rolls Royce wrapped in a two tone colour scheme – satin black and gloss black.

The doors, front and rear quarter and rear bumper were wrapped in Gloss Black vinyl. The bonnet, roof, A pillars, boot, front bumper and grille were wrapped in Satin Black vinyl. The alloys and Spirit of Extacy were also sprayed Satin Black to compliment the rest of the car.

Zaha’s Rolls Royce is now fully wrapped and de chromed. This not only makes the car look amazing, but fully protects it. Now Zaha can drive as fast as he wants, where and whenever he wants. The vinyl wrap will protect the Ghost from stone chips, scuffs, scratches, birdlime and harsh weather. This also means that when he decides to sell the car, he can get more for it as when the vinyl is removed, the paintwork will be in mint condition.

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