What are the top 4 Ceramic Coating Benefits?

1. 9 Year Warranty

We use the highest quality ceramic coating products on the market. They offer a 9 year warranty from oxidation and staining and make your car look newer for longer. The warranty also covers paintwork damage if the car involved in a collision, vandalism and abuse.

You would need to take your vehicle to an accredited detailer to carry out treatment to the damaged areas at the owners/insurances expense. 

2. Why should you choose GVE London?

GVE is accredited by Gtechniq, a very well known within the detailing industry. We are one of very few companies who can apply Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra and have highly skilled team with decades of experience and have been trained on how to apply the products properly.

3. Why you should get Ceramic Coating?

Getting a ceramic coating applied to your vehicle will help protect your car against:

– Swirl marks

– Hazing

– Light scratches

– Harsh wash chemicals

– Bird droppings

– Tree Sap

– Tar

– Hard water spots

– Heat and UV rays

– Interior soiling

4. Extends the Life of your Paintwork

Ceramic coating forms a strong chemical bond with the car’s paintwork. This creates a film like coating which adds 3 to 7 microns of protection, whilst maintaining the highest possible level of gloss.

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