Ceramic Coating Life Span

Your Ceramic Coating Life Span can be drastically increased if you are aware of the following factors.


If you use bodywork unfriendly chemicals, the ceramic coating could potentially be removed and detrimental affects to the paintwork could occur.

2. Dirty Cloths

If you use dirty cloths to wipe your car, the impurities (dirt or debris) could end the Ceramic Coating Life Span.

3. Handcar Wash

If you visit different car wash companies,  they’d be likely to use the wrong products for the job. There’s also a strong possibility they won’t know the correct techniques to washing a car that has had a ceramic coating applied.

4. Misuse of Jet Wash

Many people think that holding a jet wash closer to the paintwork would ensure a more thorough clean. This will actually damage the paintwork and remove the ceramic coating. (Especially if the water from the jet wash is very hot.)

5. Maintenance

Wash your car regularly, especially if it is covered in birdlime, leaves and other contaminants.

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Ceramic Coating Life Span
Ceramic Coating Life Span
Ceramic Coating Life Span
Ceramic Coating Life Span
Ceramic Coating Life Span