Gtechniq Ceramic Coatings

Applying a Gtechniq ceramic coating on a supercar or luxury car’s paintwork provides several benefits but today, we’ll explore why you should never consider applying one yourself.

1. You’re not a Detailer

The finish of a ceramic coating is only as good as the paintwork underneath. Even new cars straight out of the factory regularly require an enhancement detail at the very least, to get rid of the light swirl marks and the last thing you want is to lock in a bad paint job.

2. You’re not Trained

The Gtechniq ceramic coating needs to be spread out evenly around all panels, when being applied. This requires training and experience. We have seen some shocking results with poor applications by the owners in some circumstances. You can expect to see a wavy / cloudy finish. The process to remove the coating is very labour intensive and can take up to 5 days to complete.

3. Safety

The coating products can contain harmful ingredients that can irritate the skin, not to mention the danger of inhaling their harmful fumes.

4. Environment

You need to ensure the room you’re working in is clinical and well ventilated.  This will ensure that no impurities will be on the surface of your supercar.

5. Quality of Coating

You can buy many ceramic coating products off the shelf, however the most effective coatings are exclusively available for accredited detailers to apply.

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