Mercedes SLK 2 Stage Detail – The GVE Detailing Team’s next task was to bring this old school Mercedes back to showroom condition.

The paint work looked very tired and had multiple deep scratches and swirl marks. This car had a lot of sentimental value to our customer, so it was important that we got this job right!

The customer opted for a 2 Stage Detail, which includes a full engine bay clean, removing the wheels and cleaning them from the front and back, cleaning the wheel arches, a full decontamination with clay bar treatment, a 2 Stage Polish and finally a Ceramic Coating.

The ceramic coating used on this car was Crystal Serum Light by Getchniq. This coating will protect the paintwork of this car from scratches and swirl marks and will prevent orange peel. It also creates a beading effect when water is poured over the car.

Now, all scratches and swirl marks have been removed from this Mercedes and it’s looking better than ever!

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